• About

    Located in the heart of Lewisham, London. Our bakery is dedicated to providing you with delightful bespoke cakes, tasty cupcakes, stunning dessert tables & lots more. We understand that every bite matters to you, so we pour immense love and creativity into each of our bakes. We take pride in crafting baked goods that not only satisfy your taste buds but also add a special touch to your celebrations and daily moments. Drawing on our background in pastry art, we offer diverse designs that are not just treats but artistic expressions made for you. At our bakery, we see baking as an art form and your smile as our greatest reward. Join us in our journey of taste and artistry – because here, it's all about making your days brighter and sweeter!

  • Why us?

    Patisserie Olive specialise in buttercream cakes. Our cakes are made using the best ingredients which include no artificial flavours and additives. Every bake is made to perfection after many tried and tested recipes. We bake everything from scratch and our cakes are decorated fresh to order, custom made with that perfect touch. We thrive on listening to our customers which is why we ensure that all special requirements are met. Whether its a birthday, baby shower, corporate event, anniversary or wedding, create a truly special celebration with one of our custom cakes. Make the day unforgettable.


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